The main role of VARTC Cattle section is to preserve pure races of cattle in the country, and to develop, due to artificial insemination and natural breeding new species with a good resilience to the local climate conditions capable. Both pure races preserved at VARTC are Charolaise and Limousine species.

Cross-breeding is done with Brahman cattle that get good resistance to drought, real scourge for the country during El nino period.

Limousine cow

Charolaise cow

VARTC contributes to some programs of cattle distribution within the country with the support of Department of Livestock.

VARTC carries out also some researches to develop improved pastures in order to distribute them to cattle producers.  The project « Bisnis Blong Buluk », called BBB, supported by ACIAR, enabled VARTC to establish trials of those pastures in fields and to distribute grasses and legumes to farmers in Santo island. Those improved pastures have been selected for their good production yield and for their interesting nutrient input.

Keep in mind to visit the Facebook page « Bisnis Blong Buluk Research Project » !

VARTC contributes also to carry out research against pest and disease development. Cattle are regularly for sale. Please find out details from VARTC Cattle Team.


VARTC staff planting seeds of selected legumes in VARTC fields


VARTC gets a small Poultry Section with chickens and ducks.

Studies are currently carried out to increase quality and size of eggs produced by local hens.

Some researches aim to develop food for poultry made with various crops produced in-situ in order to replace the usual copra cakes that are very expensive and then not affordable for small farmers.

Projects on genetic research should be led very soon.

Poultry are available for sale. Please find out details from VARTC Poultry Team.